Brookfield House Nearing Completion

The Brookfield House is nearing completion after nearly 14 months on site. This project which heavily references 60’s Californian Mondernism (and in particular the work of Richard Neutra) is thanks to the Clients vision and the great workmanship by the builder, Bruce Mole of Thallon Mole Group. It is a rare privalege for us to¬† have the space to explore architecure of this type and with the means to use robust, timeless and natural materials like we have done here. This project is one that the collective group of people involved have all loved and worked very hard on to achieve something really special in the end. We look forward to showing you more photos in time and hope you like these in the interim!


Guest Pavillion

Arrival Courtyard Space

Informal Outdoor Living Pavilion

View of the house from the NE

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