Byram House Taking Shape

The Byram House is a really exciting project for us and is now really taking shape on site. The house, while on a “small lot” in the inner city, enjoys additional width over the traditional 40×10 block. This width has allowed us to explore a completely new layout which has lead to something very special in the design. A huge central void will flood the house with light and allow all elements of the house to engage with the this volume. The width of the site also allows us to express contemporary elements to the street (which is very rare on these kinds of projects) which will take the form of a double height, timber clad spine that will certainly offer a unique entry experience. Like all good projects, this one enjoys the superb involvement of the CGH team to build it (Cullum, Stuart, Shannon, Oscar, Lochie and the rest) as well as passionate and fantastic clients (you know who you are). Shane Marsh is SL|a’s man on the ground and doing an awesome job. Keep an eye out for this and we hope you enjoy the 3D visualizations while the real deal takes shape!



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