7 Courtyard House


The 7 Courtyard House was an idea that emanated from the constraints and opportunities of a very long and narrow block. The plan form of the house is long and linear with a series of elements that help define a series of domestic scaled ‘courtyards’ that give scale, identity and amenity to the home. The fracturing of the plan creates more external wall area which afford a more direct engagement with the landscape while seamlessly achieving a flow of space (and life) from front to back. The ‘courtyards’ define entry, car accommodation, lawn, play and landscape and create a sense of space around what is otherwise a relatively narrow home. The architecture is deliberately rational, restrained and tactile. The use of stone, concrete and timber characterise the contemporary form, announced by a long concrete colonnade and punctuated by a large timber screened fa├žade that offers a ‘Japanese lantern’ as a marker to the visitors as they progress into the site.

Project Team

Michael Ford for SLa

M2 Construct

Westera Partners

Langlois Design | Interiors


Scott Burrows

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