Amaroo involved an addition to a significant beachfront home, with a focus on softening the relationship with the oceans edge by creating a more site-responsive, sub-tropical outcome. The priority was the landscape which involved the design of the series of sinuous outdoor pavilions, the roofs of which are landscaped to create a green 5th elevation. The topography of the site was also manipulated to eclipse the previously hard edges with grass and landscape, as part of creating the resort-like feel which drove the design agenda. White concrete, large travertine slabs and stone cladding define the material palette, all of which is shrouded with the landscape which will increasingly overtake and define the built outcome.


Traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara nations.


Matt Napper and Andrew Brown for SLa

Damien Davidson Builders

Westera Partners

Conlon Group | Landscape Architect

Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

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