Arakoon is an oceanfront beach house on the Sunshine Coast, enjoying an enviable perch on the coastal dunes in the shadow of Noosa National Park. The house draws inspiration from the rocky ravines of Paradise Caves, Devil’s Kitchen and Lions Rock to the north, where a carefully curated tension between the narrow, solid spaces and the open, more extraverted spaces which define the home. Terraced down across 3 levels, the house seeks to nestle into the dune system and anchor itself in its place, wanting to be subservient to its sublime, natural location. The integration of landscape looks to further connect the built form to the land and to reinforce the connection to the world outside. Strategic moves to mitigate the harsh climate and local weather patterns have created a house that is very much of its place. Materials are all tactile, robust and reflective of the context within which the house sits, manifested through the use of weathered timber, natural concrete and granite stone across the walls and floors, making no distinction between what is in, or outside. Arakoon is a home that incrementally reveals itself and offers a range of spatial, volumetric and architectural experiences to heighten this experience as it happens.


Traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara nations.


Andrew Brown for SLa

JW Construction

Conlon Group | Landscape Architect

Anchor & Belle | Interior Décor

Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

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