Auchenflower Hill House



Landscaped rooftop terrace with astroturf.


Carmen – fast, faultless, pinpoint accuracy, the definition of responsive and collaborative.

Shaun – extra (indulging client when not necessary) power points and CAT cable entry points with black thick marker from pocket on the gypro.

Filled with light.

Natural. Earthy. Raw. Bleached.

Highlights of cement.

Seamless compatibility with streetscape.



Substance over evidence.

Pale French oak, even on feature walls.

Black wall canvas for large-scale indigenous painting – yes, there is lolly pink, orange and yellow.

Cosy stone fireplace in central living because wanted, even after plans finalised.

Timber street front filigree lights up like a Christmas tree.

Big skylight over kitchen sink.

Intimate outdoor fireplace to toast marshmallows in summer, just because you can.

Architectural points of genius noticed for the first time almost every day.


Work of artistic passion, love and care.

No bandaids.

Would. not. change. a. thing.

Rhys – mates for life.

Bruce – still putting up with me, 18 months after handover.

Indebted. Grateful.



M + R

Auchenflower Hill House 2018
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