Barton Street


I can recall the first meeting my wife and I had with Shaun. We had established a general vision for our new home and thought we had achieved a pretty good outcome. Shaun sat down with us and sketched 2 or 3 alternatives and we were sold straight away. The most enjoyable part of this process was always the way in which Shaun and his team involved us in the process.


We had ideas that were important to us and Shaun and Jen respected this and simply looked at ways to enhance and improve what we were wanting to achieve. The attention to detail and the very respectful approach they take is what sets SLa apart from the rest. I have been in property development my entire career and I have not met someone more passionate about delivering the best outcomes for his customers than Shaun and this flows through the culture he has established with his team.


The building process was incredibly smooth which in the main part was due to the diligence of SLa in screening their builders. We were fortunate to work with Jamie Stringfellow from Next Generation and he was simply outstanding and very accommodating throughout the entire build, right to the end of attending to defects of which there were very few thanks to the detail of the SLa documentation and the attention taken by SLa through the construction process.


Unfortunately for us we made a family decision to relocate to the Sunshine Coast and were therefore unable to reside in our beautiful new home. We took the home to auction and Shaun was intimately involved in this process. He attended on site with the agent to prepare a video and was generous enough to spend an evening with our prospective purchasers taking them through the design philosophy, which was very beneficial. In the end we sold our home for a record price for the street in which we lived and I have no doubt that we achieved a premium well in excess of SLAas fees for the fact they were involved as opposed to a more generic architectural firm. I think I have said enough to convince you that appointing SLa will be the best decision you will make in creating the perfect environment for your family.




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