Beeston Street


We were introduced to Shaun Lockyer’s architecture well before we had the pleasure of meeting him in person.


Some time ago we were looking to buy a home in the New Farm area and in the process looked at numerous properties which were either new units or renovated homes. One such property, which was a renovated house, stood out like a beacon. Sadly we missed it at auction and ended up purchasing elsewhere. Several years later, when we were again on the move and looking for a home in the New Farm/Teneriffe precinct we happened upon another renovated property in Gibbon St. This home had a serious Wow factor. There was also an immediate sense of recognition, a bit like that one has when seeing for the first time an unfamiliar work by a favourite artist. You know who painted it even before squinting to read the name at its foot. This house and the one we had coveted years earlier were quite different yet clearly and unmistakably had been conceived on the same creative drawing board. Right there and then we determined that if we missed the Gibbon St property then we would one day seek out the architect who designed it and engage him to design a home for us.


And so it transpired! That we are now living in our preferred precinct in a house designed by Shaun Lockyer is a bit surreal. We love where we live and we love that we are living there in this very special house. The end result has been facilitated from beginning to end by Shaun. He even looked at the property with us before we purchased it. In fact what we have now was very largely conceived on that first walk-through with him pre purchase; quite remarkable when you consider the radical changes that have since taken place. There were times when we, very briefly, had doubts about some aspects of the design such as when floors were being cut out thereby reducing total floor area. However the voluminous cavities so created are now a stunning feature of our perfect abode.


The process from initial design to completion of construction was explained in detail up front and Shaun and his highly efficient and effective team were on hand to supervise and offer support right throughout all stages of the project. Whilst we cannot now imagine ever leaving this beautiful home, if we do, or if for any other reason we need the services of an architect, then we would not for one moment consider engaging anyone other than Shaun Lockyer and his team at SLa to design whatever form that building might take and to also supervise the ensuing works.


Thank you Shaun and your team at Sla especially Shane who was so helpful, thorough and accommodating throughout the entire process.



John + Ann

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