Byram House


I’m writing to express my sincere thanks for your dedication and quality of work during the design and construction of our house.


We selected Shaun Lockyer Architects due to your design influences, prior examples of your work and more importantly the fact your approachable nature put us at ease immediately. From the beginning we knew we would have a lot of fun and that’s the way it turned out.


Your guidance to select a builder at the commencement of the design phase was paramount to ensuring our budget wasn’t compromised – I would strongly recommend this method over the tender or three quote process. This innovative process also ensured each stakeholder (architect, builder and us) had an invested interest in the project right from the beginning, and needless to say was integral in ensuring the end result was delivered so smoothly.


In terms of the design process, we found your willingness to balance our key needs with your architectural flair a very endearing trait. Your network of builders and various consultants was also testament to your professionalism with each party we dealt with, via your guidance, ensuring their particular piece of the puzzle was delivered seamlessly.


At the beginning of the construction phase we contemplated managing the process ourselves. In hindsight this would have been a massive mistake given the huge effort and work you put in to help deliver our home, with no stress to us. We also noted the many changes you made along the way that added to the original design to compliment the finished product – we would have missed this for sure.


With the benefit of now living in the house for one year, I can say the foresight you put into the design is perfect for our young family and we have had many family and friends admire your work. We even have a regular procession of cars down our street stopping to look at the house!


We have also appreciated your regular calls and contact since completion of our home and we’re already looking forward to our next project together.



Gerard + Rowena

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