Chelmer River House


Outside of family’s health and happiness, building a house is one of the most important projects one undertakes. Whether it be as a couple or an individual. This said when we decided to take on the project of building our “dream home”, we were both excited and uncertain as to how we would handle the ups and downs of the journey. The first job was to select an architect who allowed us to put our personal stamp on the project and at the same time gave us peace of mind and not be afraid to listen and learn from the architects expertise and judgement. Like all things in life and in commercial ventures if you have trust and respect of each other the outcome will be successful.


We did some research and by way of referrals from friends our first port of call was with Shaun (we found no need to seek out other architects). We were indeed fortunate to have Shaun and his team ready, willing and able to take on our project. From day 1 we have felt our project was the only project SLa had on their books. Whether it be a meeting at the office, meeting on site or a telephone conversation with anyone in the office we were always made feel to be “number one”.


From the outset Shaun and the team have not over promised re timings and costings. We choose to keep SLa to project manage the build and again this has ensured we, the architect and the builder are on the same page, thus making a very formidable team. Of course there have been some issues throughout the project but at all times they have been mutually resolved without fear or favour which, in itself is a great testament to SLa. The end product (our wonderful home) is truly magnificent and has exceeded our expectations allowing us to sit back and soak it all up………A REAL WOW……


We have no hesitation in recommending Shaun to anyone and when you say yes, as we did, not only will you have a talented team at your disposal to complete the project, you will also have new friends that will stay with you after the project is finished. Respect is not a given it is earnt. Thanks Shaun and the team for earning our respect.



Joy + Mike

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