When you write a brief for your very special Island beach house, you really do hope that the architect is able to capture what you think you feel, but may not have expressed as well as you could have. Shaun’s interpretation of our brief was First Class. His creativity is unlimited and from the very first sketch we knew we were on track for something really special and didn’t hesitate to proceed further.


We wanted to be challenged with materials and with colours, and we were. We also wanted to ensure our design catered for our family’s holiday needs as well as for just the two of us. Central to the materials and colours is the use of timber, glass and stone and this reflects the “natural” landscape of Straddie and its casual Island lifestyle and of course the beaches. The places and spaces achieved are exactly what we had hoped for, and more. Our beach house caters for both of us, and our family, just as we hoped.


However, the telling is always once you have moved in. No disappointments here. It delivers in every way possible. The aspect has worked perfectly. The cross flow ventilation achieved with lots of windows and open plan enables breezes to flow in summer and the sun to warm in winter, and the spaces created provides places for all in the family to enjoy.


Our central courtyard with open fire place makes this a very special place for all to relax and share time together, whilst providing security and privacy to the pavilions that encompass it.


This is more than a beach house, its home.


Thanks Shaun and the team for SLA.



 Ron + June

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