We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Shaun and the team at SLa for their impeccable work.


Our newly renovated family home, is a successful fusion of old and new. It is a beautiful Queenslander which has now been made highly functional and has been brought back to life, with bold and exciting architectural features and materials.

Designed by Shaun Lockyer, at SLa, it has surpassed all our expectations. Here’s why….


We had no prior experience with renovating, so we surrounded ourselves with a team of experts in the area. Based on his design and architectural expertise, we knew that we wanted to work with Shaun. He was the first, and for us, the most obvious member of our team. Through Shaun’s contacts and knowledge, we were able to create a very strong team of builders, landscapers, etc.;


Shaun was very upfront and knowledgeable about all aspects of the design and construction process from our first meeting, right through to build completion. He helped guide us through the process, and provided very realistic advice (e.g. Time frames, costings, processes, etc.);


Shaun is an expert and tireless communicator, who was easily accessible and understanding if ever the need arose. In fact, his whole team at SLa share this same philosophy and desire to help;


There was complete understanding of issues that were important to us in building our family home. These have all been reflected in our layout and renovations;


Shaun is extremely experienced, so we did not have any issues throughout the build that he had not dealt with/seen/heard about before;


The fusion between old and new in a Queenslander renovation can be a difficult balance to strike. We feel that Shaun managed this very delicately, resulting in a beautiful home; and


We retained Shaun and his SLa team for Project Management throughout the build. This meant that the finer details were resolved in a functional and aesthetic manner – generally directly with the builder, and with us blissfully unaware of the issues.


Cam + Kym

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