Mackay Terrace


Building a house is an intimidating, overwhelming, daunting project-unless you do it with Shaun Lockyer and his talented team!


I had my block of land, a builder, an image in my mind of how my house could look, the elements that were important to my family and me, an inflexible budget and no idea how to make my dream house materialise. I googled Brisbane architects and was very impressed with Shaun Lockyer’s website-the houses and the tone of the site. And I was even more positive after meeting Shaun with my builder. He exudes proficiency and talent. I truly believe appointing Shaun as my architect is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


A house is more than a shelter for my family.  It is where we spend most of our time and a sanctuary for when it gets too hard in the outside world.  It is where my children grow up, entertain their friends, play, learn and love and we support each other.  I have very special memories of pool parties, barbecues and friends staying over from when I was at school and want to ensure my children a haven for these defining experiences also.


My initial brief to Shaun was for a D’Etorre house in Bardon. I imagined a monolith sculpted from concrete, stone, blockwork and glass with inside and outside spaces flowing elegantly in a stark, industrial form. Softened only by water features and an integrated pool that dominated the landscape.


Fortunately Shaun interpreted my concept and extrapolated it into a form that met council rules for Bardon, sensibility for the block of land considering the sun and airflow, and instilled a warmth and uniqueness beyond anything I pictured.  Shaun did this within my budget and a short agreed timeline.


Shaun is talented, charismatic and empathetic.  And leads a team of architects inspired by his achievement and keen to emulate his genius. I am very happy I chose Shaun and eternally grateful to him that he chose Jen Lambkin to be my project manager. Jen is intelligent, diligent and extraordinarily intuitive. I would think something and she would articulate it and make it happen and within my budget!


I knew I needed an architect to ensure my house had the design and style I wanted however I was surprised by the number of efficiencies they found throughout. And how many things could go wrong that would need additional hours from them to fix. Jen and Shaun were always supportive, understanding and more importantly practical and constructive at every stage of the process.  When we had artistic differences we worked through them with many laughs and lots of fun.


I have the utmost respect for Shaun, Jen and the Lockyer team. They are brilliant and have facilitated the creation of my dream house. I would unconditionally recommend Shaun Lockyer to anyone embarking on a renovation or building project and I thank SLa for my amazing house.




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