Nano House


The Nano House is a contemporary family home envisaged as a series of pavilions focused on a central courtyard. The planning of the house offers a landscaped courtyard to the street that accommodates the entry sequence, a central grassed courtyard around which the living areas are clustered and a rear courtyard that houses the pool and more established existing landscaping. The materiality of the house explores a playful, somewhat brutal aesthetic that combines the use of concrete, exposed block, natural timbers and sheet metal that are juxtaposed by the play of light that is characterised by a series of eclectic and carefully curated skylights. All credit was due to the clients (who were also the builders) whose commitment to the idea saw them realise a beautiful outcome despite what was a very challenging design to execute.

Project Team

Michael Ford for SLa

Nano Constructions


Andy Macpherson

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