This very special, relatively small extension located on a farm in Northern NSW explores the idea of revisiting history and rebuilding “ruins” to inform the design narrative. The brief involved a “new building” to house the primary living and main bedroom accommodation while needing to connect with the 100-year-old cottage that would accommodate all the other functions. The design is informed by the existing materials and eclectic nature of the historic built form, yielding a building of “re-established ruins” referencing the brickwork of old along with a weatherboard “extension” drawing its inspiration from the original Colonial Home. Spatially, the dialogue between the two buildings provided opportunity for a sequence of courtyards both built and unbuilt that reinforce the connection of the land, while celebrating the opportunities for panoramic views back into the Hinterland.


Lyle Mitrovich for SLa

M2 Construct

Westera Partners

Andy MacPherson Photography

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