One thing we quickly realised when trying to find an architect – no one wants to recommend one. It is such an important and personal decision. Right from our very first meeting with Shaun his passion and enthusiasm for designing houses shone through.  He was easy to deal with, listened to us and a real perfectionist with his work.  Shaun provided us with a realistic pricing guide from the get go which allowed us to budget and plan for our project and ultimately avoid any nasty surprises down the track.


To give us an idea of his work Shaun took us through a number of his projects as they were nearing completion or just completed. This was great as it allowed us to see ideas brought to life and work out what we liked and didn’t like. This also allowed us to familiarise ourselves with the work of different builders and helped us select the builder most suited to our project.  They were involved from an early stage which helped during the design process having both architect and builder together to discuss issues and recommend cost effective alternatives.  Shaun has a great team working with him that all share in his passion. Carmen was fundamental in helping with our project and getting Shaun’s vision into detailed plans. Nothing is overlooked and any questions or thoughts we had both during the design and build and even now were always handled with great thought and care by both of them.


We found the designing and building of our home to be an exciting and rewarding experience without problems. There will always be the odd thing that crops up during the build but the plans Shaun and his team design are incredibly detailed and really minimise these issues. Having now lived in our new home for just over 3 months we’re loving the layout, design and practicality of it more and more. It really suits the way we live and this is a great testament to Shaun for really listening to us and our family’s needs.


We have no hesitation in recommending Shaun to anyone looking to build or renovate.  I also think what sets SLa Architects apart from others is they are always looking at how to do things better or more efficiently which ultimately benefits the clients.



Gary + Kerensa

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