Sydney Street


It is no secret that our old Queenslander was in need of some serious help. At first we had reservations that the ugly duckling could be turned into a contemporary modern home and found the idea of renovating quite daunting. After meeting with Shaun we were soon convinced otherwise. We felt comfortable with his openness, friendly manner and most importantly his ability to impart his vision onto us.


As we progressed through the various design stages we had every confidence that Shaun and Lucy were delivering our dream home. Shaun and Lucy understood our requirements and the pressures of budget. Together they both kept us on target and this was very much appreciated. Excellent lines of communication were maintained at all times and we found both Shaun and Lucy to be very approachable.


Not being in the building game we highly valued our open discussions with Shaun and Lucy regarding the selection of different building materials and finishes. As the “devil is in the detail” we believe that these discussions ultimately helped to deliver on what is today our much loved home. In particular, we cannot be more happier with the deck design (which has received tremendous positive comments) and the play of light which features throughout the house.


During the build stage we were always happy to seen Shaun on site, his infectious enthusiasm for every detail was amazing. It became evident to us that Shaun and his team’s enthusiasm is maintained no matter what size the project, big or small.


The tagline of a popular sporting brand reads “Just do it”… this would also be our recommendation to anyone contemplating engaging the services of Shaun Lockyer Architects.



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