Twin Peaks


We had an existing relationship with Shaun and a fondness for his talent so engaging him for our extension was relatively simple. However, it’s not until you start the process that you realise why he is so well applauded and in such high demand. There are many positive attributes to Shaun and his team that really stood out for us. Firstly, Shaun is very gifted yet very humble, two traits that don’t normally go hand in hand. He has commercial sense in that he is never trying to persuade you to purchase the best of everything – we did a good job of that ourselves. He is open to ideas and exploring new pathways. He is extremely approachable at all times and treats his clients in a manner like they are the most important people in his life.


Shaun sat at our kitchen table and after a collaborative discussion brought out his yellow tracing paper drew a couple of peaks and said we were going to lose our beloved deck. We knew from that day on this was going to be some journey.


Thank you Shaun and your wonderful team. We cannot sing your praises highly enough.



Nick + Carolyn

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