Witta Circle


Witta is a family beach house situated on the Noosa River. The design draws inspiration from Brazilian modernism, but seeks to ground itself within the local context, climate and culture. The occupation of the site is heavily defined by the landscape and water, both natural and curated. The outcome of the house represents the culmination of two decades of design philosophy with the privilege and opportunity to execute it to its full potential. A carefully considered and restrained palette of concrete, stone and timber define the clean, robust but warm character of the home. A meticulously executed landscape design and interior fit out complete the environment in which this family will create future memories. An incredible team of client, designers, builders, consultants, and craftsman collaborated to execute the house to a new benchmark for the practice.


Traditional lands of the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara nations.


Shaun Lockyer, Jen Negline, Lucy Hyndman, Neva Wethereld, Kevin Li for SLa

JW Construction

Westera Partners

Conlon Group | Landscape Architect

Hong Henwood Design | Interior Décor

Christopher Frederick Jones Photography

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