Trickett House Going “Swimmingly”

Its not often one has the privalege of being involved with celebrity (especially ones as wonderful and warm as this), let alone being asked to design their home. Luke and Libby Trickett, entrusted us with this responsibility in 2011 and it has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my working life. Apart from a wonderful brief given to us by them, the process has been a joy and they have approached the build with the same vigour, passion and intensity with which they are so well known in their swimming achievements. We are in the process of tidying up the last of the work on site and look forward to seeing Luke and Libby settle in as they prepare for Libby’s London Olympic campaign. Thanks to Wade, Jason, Mike and Macca from Bev Jenner Constructions who have made the process of building a stress free joy for enveryone. Jen Lamkin and Lucy Hyndman did all the hard work on the project for which I am endebted to them as well. We look forward to showing you more of this house when it is complete but hope you enjoy these images in the imterim!




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