M House


First glance of an exciting new Brisbane home currently on the drawing board! We can’t wait to share more with you over the coming months…


Video by Kevin of SLa

Straddie Shack | Open Homes Australia


Straddie Shack was featured on season 3 of Open Homes Australia hosted by Michael Duffy. Catch up here for a guided tour around Shaun’s own Stradbroke Island getaway!


Segment featured on 9Life | Dec 2019

North Lane | Open Homes Australia


North Lane was featured on season 3 of Open Homes Australia hosted by Michael Duffy. Catch up here for a guided tour around this North Stradbroke Island beach shack by Shaun and Michael.


Segment featured on 9Life | Nov 2019

Sorrel Street | Australia By Design


Sorrel Street was featured in the first episode of the new season 3 of Australia by Design hosted by Jamie Durie. Catch up here to watch Sorrel Street in her beauty! A special home and collaboration between SLa, Cule Constructions and Studio CiiCi.


Segment featured on channel 10 | Aug 2019

Witta Circle


Welcome to Witta Circle, a dreamy waterfront beach home situated on QLD’s Sunshine Coast. Currently on site with the superb JW Constructions, this is a very special home for incredibly supportive clients. We look forward to sharing progress on site in 2019, but until then we have this amazing flythrough.


Video by Kevin of SLa

The Terrace


The Terrace, one of our finest projects to date involved a restoration and addition to a period home. The result, a bold contemporary addition to a significant heritage home on an enviable block of land offering unparalleled lifestyle opportunity. The house fuses robust, finely crafted character with timeless contemporary architecture without compromise and in such a way as to seamlessly integrate both while celebrating each appropriately.


Video by tvHouse

The Nest


The Nest is a family home tucked away on a large bush block that combines an enviable combination of city views and an acreage lifestyle within the inner-city of Brisbane. The house draws its inspiration from modern roots, expressed through the juxtaposition of heavy vertical and light horizontal planes. A palette of sandblasted concrete, Spotted Gum timber and natural stone create a robust, warm and timeless aesthetic.


Video by Cartel Films



The Greenhouse is an environmentally responsible family home built on acreage outside Brisbane. A wonderful collaboration between architect, builder and friends, this home represents a wonderful balance of lifestyle aspiration, sustainability agenda and rewarding process. Our first collaboration with Healthy Abode Living, this home looks to explore the simple, the crafted and poetic with regards to architectural agenda and interior fit-out.


Video by Cartel Films

Monaise | Open Homes Australia


Monaise has featured on Open Homes Australia, season 2 episode 4. Shaun Lockyer caught up with Carlene to discuss the transformation of a 1921 period home into a 21st Century contemporary home.


Segment featured on 9Life | Nov 2018

The Nest | CCAA Architect Insights


Shaun Lockyer sits down with CCAA to talk – modernist architecture that connects people and places, the craft that creates sustainable and efficient design solutions, and the constant application of concrete in his bespoke architectural homes.


Video by CCAA Architect Insights | Jun 2018

62V | Ready Steady Reno


Shaun Lockyer invites Michael and Carlene to his upcoming masterpiece in Brisbane. Having created so many incredible homes, the bar is set extremely high for Shaun to create the perfect family home.


Segment featured on channel 9 | Sep 2017

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